Why Are The Clintons Pimping Seafood With Child Abusers From Harvard?

Hillary Clinton was fired from a fish gutting job before she became First Lady and it isn't hard to imagine the indignant look on her face as she became perhaps the most smug self-entitled person on earth ever to be instructed on how to clean a salmon. 


Clinton disgusted


Then, at the close of Bill's Senate impeachment trial, Republican U.S. Senator Slade Gorton III of the Great State of Washington, and also of the Gorton's Seafood dynasty, delivered an impassioned plea in favor of removing then—President Clinton from office. 

Obviously, we all know that Hillary sure can hold a grudge. So, now that the Clintons are filthy rich (and fish guts aside, perhaps more filthy than they are rich), why is their "Global Initiative" pimping seafood, and with it the Gorton companies? Further, why is Harvard helping, along with its allies in the now-infamous Massachusetts child "welfare" bureaucracy (MCWB), which is an amalgamation both of various state agencies which receive hundreds of millions, if not billions, of combined annual state and federal funding as well as private, mostly "non-profit" (read: tax-exempt) organizations, many of which are similarly well-funded (as are their top executives)?

The FreeMartyG team and I inadvertently uncovered these connections as we were researching Federal Judge Nathaniel Matheson Gorton, who is the younger brother of Senator Slade Gorton III, and whose been imprisoning me without bail for saving a young girl's life when she was tortured, crippled, and nearly killed by Harvard and its allies from the rest of the MCWB. 

U.S. District Court Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton (fedbar.org)

That girl's name is Justina Pelletier and what happened to her helped expose some of the shocking things for which much of the MCWB's money is (mis)used as well as what has really been happening to many children on the bureaucracy's watch. 

You may remember Justina and her family from 2014 and/or from the coverage by Michelle Malkin, Rolling Stone, and numerous others which has continued ever since. Here is one of the most recognizable videos of Justina which may jog your memory. It shows her figure skating 6 weeks before her parents brought her to Harvard's largest pediatric teaching and research facility - Boston Children's Hospital (BCH): 



Now, here's Lou Pelletier, Justina's father, talking about what Harvard and its doctors did to his daughter with the help of the rest of the MCWB after they took custody of Justina away from her family and allegedly experimented on her for over a year without her or her family's consent: 



It's also worth noting that one of the many heads of the MCWB hydra, namely the Commonwealth's family court, resorted to a familiar tactic when Lou started talking with his local Fox affiliate about what was happening. You see, notwithstanding the 1st Amendment, Massachusetts Family Court Judge Joseph F. Johnston - who apparently wasn't much of a constitutional scholar despite his black robe - put Justina's parents under a so-called "gag order" for months, threatening them with possible fines and/or prison if they continued speaking to journalists. 

Now, the Pelletiers were far from the first family to speak out against the MCWB and face such suppression.

And Justina's situation went on for far too long. She still uses a wheelchair today.  Here she is talking about her experience when she was finally allowed to go home after 16 months of round-the-clock physical agony and psychological terror allegedly inflicted upon her and her family by Harvard, BCH, as well as the rest of the MCWB: 



As you can see, Ronald Reagan was right and the scariest words in the English language are in fact, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."


Now, like I said earlier, I helped save Justina's life without hurting a soul - what I did is humiliate Harvard and the MCWB quite a bit (which the Ivy League university apparently considers to be a far more serious transgression than actually hurting actual kids like Justina). 



But people outside of Harvard tend to feel differently and I'm very grateful to have received a lot of support throughout my unjust incarceration from those all across the political spectrum and from all over the world, especially from American conservatives. So, why would a federal judge who was appointed by George H.W. Bush, most likely with the help of his brother, who was a Republican U.S. senator, want to hold me without bail for helping to save Justina's life and to humble Harvard at the same time? After all, when Justina finally went home, 28 Republican congressmen (including now—Secretary-of-State Mike Pompeo) and 4 Democrats co-sponsored a bill named "Justina's Law" to prevent federal tax dollars from being used to conduct unethical medical experiments on victims like Justina. 

Well, it turns out that Judge Gorton and his family are part of the MCWB, as is their family business, Slade Gorton & Company, Inc. (which is actually named after the father of Senator Slade Gorton III). 

For example, Justina spent almost all of 2013 locked up in BCH against her and her family's wills and that same year, Slade Gorton & Co., Inc. donated to BCH, which publicly thanked the company on its website, boosting its public stature (see page 44 of BCH's 2013 philanthropy report). Further, that year, Judge Gorton listed himself as a "Stockholder, Clerk/Secretary and Director" of SG Seafood Holdings, Inc., which wholly owned Slade Gorton & Company, Inc. 

Now, the American Bar Association's cannon of ethics for judges, the Code of Conduct for United States Judges, as well as federal law each require Judge Gorton to disclose such information on the record in a case like mine. But he has not. 

Nor did The Honorable Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton disclose on the record of my case that from at least July 1st, 2002 through June 30th, 2004 he was on the Board of Advisors of the Home For Little Wanderers (HLW), which touts itself as one of the oldest as well as one of the largest child welfare organizations in America. Now, during this same period, his brother Michael C. Gorton Sr. was on the HLW's Board of Directors as well, and it was then that the HLW announced a new partnership with BCH, specifically geared towards kids like Justina. You can find all this info in the HLW's FY 2003 report.

In fact, according to documents filed with the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Judge Gorton was a "Member of the Corporation" of the HLW up through 2012 - the year before BCH took Justina. Further still, all throughout this time and as far as we know up through today, Judge Gorton and his wife, Michael Gorton and his wife, Slade Gorton & Co., Inc., and BCH all continue to donate to the HLW. 

And yet Judge Gorton disclosed nothing, even when I asked.

Worse still though, without disclosing a thing, Judge Gorton continues to preside over a lawsuit against the HLW even while his family's connection to the HLW is touted on the commercial website of Slade Gorton & Co., Inc., directly adjacent to "DOWNLAOD OUR CATALOG" and "Email: sales..."

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We docketed over 690 pages of information like this in my case and Judge Gorton still has neither left the case nor disclosed. It's now up to The U.S. Court of Appeals to decide whether Judge Gorton can get away with all this. 

But there is one more thing which we also found, and this connects to the Clintons. Earlier in my case, Judge Gorton had decided that it was acceptable for a magistrate judge named Marianne Bowler to issue a search warrant for my home even though she is and was married to a Harvard Medical School professor named Marc Pfeffer and was also on the Board of Directors of an organization called The Boston Foundation (TBF), which raises money for Justina's tormentors. Indeed, TBF paid over $180,000 to BCH the year that I helped save Justina's life. 

Now, Judge Gorton ruled that Bowler's search warrant was valid. However, at the time, he didn't disclose that TBF also gave tens of thousands of dollars to the HLW. 

Though, here is perhaps the worst of it. In addition to his role at Harvard Medical (which by the way has also given to the HLW), Bowler's husband is a senior cardiologist - or a heart doctor - at another Harvard teaching hospital called Brigham and Women's which was silent about Justina's suffering and which was also allegedly impacted by my efforts to save her. And Judge Gorton knew this and still allowed Bowler's warrant to stand even though the government's application for that warrant was dated the day after the warrant itself. However, once again, Judge Gorton never disclosed that Brigham and Women's, Slade Gorton & Co., Inc. and a "Mr[.] & Mrs. Gorton" are all part of an industry group called The Seafood Nutrition Partnership, whose principal aim appears to be marketing seafood as healthy, and in particular as "heart healthy," which is obviously to the gain of his family's wealth. Among other things, the Partnership's 2015 annual report reveals that the Harvard hospital where Magistrate Judge Bowler's husband both is and was a senior heart doctor, agreed to run 4 "eating heart healthy" pilot studies for The Seafood Nutrition Partnership as part of "a Clinton Global Initiative commitment to action" in the same month in which Bowler issued the (at best) questionable warrant for my home. 


Clinton Global initative

(The Partnership's 2015 annual report, pg. 5)

And yet Judge Gorton has neither disclosed any information in accordance with his own cannon of ethics, nor left the case and the matter is now before The United States Court of Appeals. 

While we await that higher court's decision, I encourage everyone to start researching the Clintons, the Gortons, Justina's case, and mine. You can submit whatever you find to our Facebook page or Twitter feed.


The author, Marty Gottesfeld, is an Obama-era political prisoner. To learn more about his case and/or support him go to FreeMartyG.com.