Wouldn't Comey Be "Swimming with the Fishes" If Trump Were A Mobster?

And didn't one of the Clintons' goodfellas wind up dead in a park?Β 

If James Comey really thinks that President Trump is like a mafia boss, then wouldn't he be too scared to publish that comparison in his book, as ABC News reported he did on Friday, let alone to go on a public tour peddling his propaganda masterpiece? Wouldn't entering Witness Protection be more likely? I mean, Comey has never really struck me as a particularly brave individual. 

He apparently didn't have the cajones to recommend charges when he was still the FBI director and Hillary Clinton got caught clearly mishandling classified information. Maybe he worried that if he had done that then he might have woken up next to a severed horse head one morning. After all, he wouldn't have been the first threat to the Clintons to wind up dead in a park somewhere. 

Yet fired former FBI Director James Comey seems to know that he's safe sensationalizing a bogus comparison between President Trump and a mafia boss. Indeed, the very act of publishing that supposition highlights its insincerity. 

But given the mob mentality that apparently pervades his former agency, it's no surprise that Comey had organized crime on his mind and that mafia references were at the tip of his seemingly forked tongue. Remember how he and his capo Andrew McCabe used to strut around like made men who couldn't be fired by anyone for anything? It seems that it didn't take long for the new FBI director, Christopher Wray, to inherit that air of invincibility either.

Meanwhile, talking heads blabber on and on about a "looming Constitutional crisis," if President Trump fires Special Counsel Robert Mueller. 

But for those who believe in a system of checks and balances, a Constitutional crisis is already here. The DOJ has gone rogue and it seems to be throwing a temper tantrum like a 2-year-old because it doesn't want to answer to the President of the United States. 

And conveniently for the runaway DOJ, the talking heads aren't raising a key Constitutional issue: If the Justice Department won't answer to the president as Article II Section 2 requires, then the department exercises Executive authority without any immediate checks and balances at all. 

Further, perhaps that's really been the issue this whole time. After all, the pursuit of unchecked power is nothing new and what better cover for it than a wide swath of the media along with almost the entire Democratic party all clamoring in chorus that the would-be despots are actually the ones fighting despotism? Ridiculous but none the less easy sensationalized comparisons between President Trump and the mafia make great propaganda to further reinforce this fantasy for those who are predisposed to believing in it due to their political biases. 

But the reality is that President Trump wasn't at the infamous mob-style "tarmac meeting." That was Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who was the "top cop" at the DOJ at the time, along with former Democratic President Bill Clinton, whose organization accepted $500,000 from the Russians under at best sketchy circumstances while Hillary was allegedly running the State Department like it was Chicago's City Hall. 

Similarly, the Trump family didn't accept $675,000 in campaign funding from an ally of the Clintons while Trump was theoretically investigating Hillary's private email server. That was the aforementioned former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and his wife. 

Just like Trump isn't the "POTUS" in the Strzok-Page texts who wanted "to know everything" about an obviously bent Boston-style FBI investigation into one of his political opponents. That was Obama. 

And it wasn't President Trump who recently embarked on a grossly unconstitutional thinly-veiled fishing expedition by raiding a law office for confidential dirt on his political adversaries. That was the DOJ's section in the Southern District of New York where Comey once worked and according to the New York Times, Comey's former office had a personal approval of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the second in command at the dirty DOJ. 

But yet Comey and his partners apparently want us to believe that President Trump is the monster. 

Maybe they figure that this fake news mafia media-narrative will pave the way for us to also believe memos that could easily be falsified as well as to lend credence to the DOJ scumbags who now occupy key positions in the media. 

They think, "the FBI ignored multiple warnings about a school shooter who killed 19 kids? Quick, send in the son of an FBI agent to talk about gun control!" Or, "the DOJ is going to raid a law firm? Somebody get Jeffrey Toobin ready on the double!" 

To get the idea, did you know that just about every DOJ office has a full time publicist or even an entire PR department? But good luck finding a public defender's office with either. You won't. 

So, if President Trump wants to lend a crippling blow to the DOJ, he should just require them to stop spending our tax dollars on their press departments. They tend to be relatively recent additions and there's really no good reason to have them in the first place. Most of what they do is taint jury pools and they seem to spend the rest of their time over-glorifying some very unglorious DOJ douchebags. 

And their propaganda is dangerous to both justice as well as to liberty.

Jurors who watch CSI, NCIS, Law and Order and its spin offs, etc. tend to be just as quick to convict people in the court of public opinion as they are in an actual jury room and many are pre-disposed to believe Comey without noticing his apparent God complex. For the reality behind those shows and their true costs in actual courts of law though, check out this Slate article called "Pseudoscience in the Witness Box: The FBI faked an entire field of forensic science" or this one on the same scandal aptly called "CSI Is a Lie: America's forensic-investigation system is overdue for sweeping reform" by the Atlantic. 

Here's a scary quote from Slate: "Of these defendants, 14 have already been executed or died in prison."

Penn and Teller also made a splendid episode on so-called "forensic science" which you can watch on Showtime

The point is that the DOJ is great at tricking everyday Americans into believing that innocent people are guilty and into giving it what it wants in the name of justice. The Department also has a lot of help getting its way in print, online, and on TV. 

Meanwhile, even though they lie frequently, here are some headlines you don't see nowadays: "Federal Prosecutor Indicted for Perjury And Public Corruption" or even "Federal Prosecutor Disbarred." 

I'm not even sure that these people pay parking tickets anymore. 

And now the DOJ is working hard to eliminate whatever little accountability it actually faces from the White House and therefore from We The People as well. The Department exercises a lot of Executive authority with no other Constitutional oversight, including from the Courts. 

For example, there's no judge to whom one can complain when the DOJ refuses to charge people like Hillary, McCabe, etc. or the people who nearly killed Justina Pelletier:

However, directly following the aforementioned Article II Section 2 which designates that the DOJ answers to POTUS, comes Article II Section 3 which actually requires the President, having sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution, to specifically "take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed." So, POTUS is supposed to provide accountability when the DOJ refuses to indict criminals for corrupt reasons, like those who commit treason or torture children. 

But even though the Founders very intentionally entrusted the legislature rather than the courts with the power to impeach, the Department has tried to leverage Watergate to assert that Article II shouldn't apply to it and to get the legislature to use the threat of impeachment to prevent the president from holding the Department accountable. Meanwhile the DOJ also indicts members of the legislature who try to rein it in as well.

When pressed, the Department claims that it needs independence from the Executive who appoints its leaders and from the legislature which appropriates its budget, but what it really strives for is far more dangerous. The Founders were careful to provide checks and balances -- especially on the lawyers -- and we shouldn't be so easily convinced to leave a government department full of attorneys so unaccountable to our elected representatives and therefore to ourselves. 

Seventy-eight years ago, U.S. Attorney General Robert H. Jackson remarked to a room full of his subordinates, "The prosecutor has more control over life, liberty, and reputation than any other person in America." The future Supreme Court Justice elaborated, β€œWith the law books filled with a great assortment of crimes, a prosecutor stands a fair chance of finding at least a technical violation of some [law] on the part of almost anyone."

 Marty Gottesfeld is an Obama-era political prisoner and Republican Senate candidate against incumbent Elizabeth Warren. You can donate to his legal defense fund at FreeMartyG.com or to his political campaign at VoteMartyG.com