MartyG: “DOJ Prosecutor Adam Bookbinder Discreetly Flees His Own Harvard Corruption/Hypocrisy”

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Corrupt Harvard-affiliated federal prosecutor Adam J. Bookbinder (from the video above) has now announced that he is withdrawing from my case and leaving it to his lackeys to prosecute me. This directly follows coverage from Infowars, Red State, Michelle Malkin, Rolling Stone, and others. I think the straw that broke the crooked camel’s back though came at a recent hearing where my lovely wife Dana and I confronted Bookbinder, who I consider to be an ivy-league accessory after the fact to crimes against humanity, with pictures of Justina Pelletier.

You can read about that incident here:

Justina is the girl who was paralyzed by Boston Children’s Hospital. Bookbinder had me indicted during the very Harvard-friendly Obama administration for daring to defy its alma mater by defending Justina’s life as well as her and her family’s human and constitutional rights. While it took a while to uncover and publish the corruption at play in the video above, it took comparatively little time for Bookbinder to head for the hills once he was confronted in court by visuals of Justina in her wheelchair.

His departure also comes amidst dues of the disappearance of documents connecting Clinton-appointed magistrate judge Marianne Bowler to both Harvard Medical School and the Wayside Youth and Family Support Network, which held Justina against her will and forcibly treated her according to the Boston Children’s Hospital plan which nearly killed her. Without recusing herself, Bowler signed off on Bookbinder’s application for a search warrant for my home which specifically mentioned both the Harvard hospital and Wayside by name. She then also ordered me held without bail at her fellow Harvard-affiliate’s request. You can read about Bowler and the missing documents here:

With this scandal widening since the release of the first part of a Michelle Malkin Investigates special report, I suppose the big question is who will be next in the DOJ to turn tail and run. And possible answers include Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. You can see how he’s connected to all this in the video above and/or by reading here:

Any guesses who will be next?