MartyG Endorses Ted Cruz for Reelection

BOSTON, Oct. 22nd, 2018 —Conservative journalist and political prisoner Martin Gottesfeld is announcing his endorsement of Republican Ted Cruz for reelection to the U.S. Senate in this year’s hotly-contested race in Texas:


“Senator Cruz is an indispensable leader in the fight for free speech online and make no mistake about it, that battle is the great existential crisis facing conservatives in the 21st century,” Gottesfeld said emphatically. “I hope everyone who cherishes the Constitution will not only show up on Tuesday, November 6th to vote, but will join Senator Cruz now in campaigning for our most cherished liberties before it’s too late.”

“The GOP must maintain control of the Senate,” Gottesfeld added.

“Failure is not an option,” emphasized Gottesfeld, whose father worked on the Apollo Project.

Gottesfeld continued with cautionary words about rampant corruption in blue strongholds, “Where I’m from, we’ve had Democrats and impostor Republicans calling the shots for as long as I can remember, and what’s it gotten us here in Massachusetts? We’ve had gas explosionsa concrete slab fall on a family with deadly results after contractors cut corners to embezzle, marriage fraud being orchestrated in our ICE detention centers with impunity, crooked copscorrupt judgesbent crime labsdead heroesrigged elections, and pedophile doctors practicing for decades at a children’s hospital that medically kidnaps kids.”

“This is what Democratic control of a state looks like and now they want to continue exporting this corruption to Texas and to the rest of the union,” Gottesfeld warned. “To them, Obamacare was just the beginning and it was modeled on the state healthcare system here in Massachusetts.”

“But you have a choice,” noted Gottesfeld. “And volunteers can make a huge difference over the next three weeks before election day.”

“Don’t let Democrats mess with Texas!” Gottesfeld implored. “Vote for Ted Cruz, a true Republican.”

Martin Gottesfeld approved this message.