What's Obama's FEC Commissioner Doing for the Massachusetts GOP?

Mass. GOP's general counsel handled 2014 midterms for Obama

While my wife was being blocked from presenting my campaign at the 2018 Massachusetts State GOP convention recently, she couldn't help but notice the states party's general counsel, Lee Goodman. After all, he was apparently one of the folks orchestrating the party's political hit job on my candidacy that day, which you can read about here.

Funny thing though, before he was representing the Mass. State GOP for the 2018 Senate election, which it seems the party plans to just hand over to the  Lyin' Liberal Liz Warren as if she were Crooked Hillary and this were New York, Mr. Goodman was the Federal Election Commissioner under Obama for his 2014 midterm elections.

And what ever Mr. Goodman did for Obama then, he certainly doesn't appear to be ensuring that the Mass. GOP is playing by the rules now. If he were, then the party wouldn't be breaking the law by dedicating its resources to back a particular candidate in a contested primary race, as it's alleged here that they’re doing for incumbent Governor Charlie Baker, a man who makes the repeated habit of snubbing President Trump and apparently election laws as well. In fact, Baker so closely resembles a Democrat that many GOP voters throughout New England have actually nicknamed him “Tall Deval” after his Democratic predecessor Deval Patrick.

If Mr. Goodman wanted the Mass. GOP to play by the rules instead of by the bribes, then the state party leadership also probably wouldn't pick and choose which candidates to allow to register for the convention, as it seems they did here and then lie about it, as it seems they did here. Meanwhile, President Trump's FEC Chair, Caroline C. Hunter, might do well to look in on the Massachusetts Senate race where likely 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is up for reelection.

Prior to publication, Ms. Hunter did not immediately return our request for comment as to whether she plans to investigate the handling of the 2018 Massachusetts Republican state primary by the state GOP.  

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