Don't Let FBI Director Wray Fool You

FBI Director Wray's "Investigation" Is Newest Hoax

President Trump is in danger from another coup attempt, says a new White House petition that urges an immediate full-scale independent investigation of FBI Director Christopher Asher Wray.

Many consider Wray part of the deep state. They include Fox's Jeanine Pirro:



Under increasing scrutiny, Wray reluctantly threw low-level FBI patsy Kevin Clinesmith under the bus. But notice we're less than 3 months from the election and all the key players---Obama, Biden, Clinton, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, et al.---are still sitting pretty. That's by design, according to the petition:

We the People demand that the administration launch a full investigation of FBI Director Christopher Asher Wray. His silence is deafening amid new revelations of high-level misconduct inside the Obama administration. His inaction is suspicious. In light of accusations Wray once suborned perjury, we must rule out any possibility—however remote—that he's been blackmailed or otherwise compromised if we are to preclude another coup attempt before election day and restore faith in the FBI to execute our laws faithfully.

On May 18th, Hannity guest Judge Jeanine Pirro called out Wray as creature of the deep state:

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Over the years, many pundits lamented his lack of candor regarding his predecessors' misdeeds. They seem puzzled.

But those pundits don't share a lice-infested DOJ black site with me and other Obama/Bush-era political prisoners. My research here indicates that Wray is a shady deep-state shyster who's railroaded innocent people for decades.

Although Kevin Clinesmith's guilty plea placates some, it's likely to end just like Comey's unvestigation of Hillary's private email server: no criminal charges, no firings, just a giant deep-state love-fest of scumbag officials letting each other off the hook while their fanatical media mouthpieces cheer them on.

Indeed, the DOJ's inspector general already completed an internal investigation and referred former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe for criminal prosecution. McCabe was never prosecuted. He's now a contributor for CNN.

Further, it's easy to imagine a Mexican standoff between Wray and Obama's dirty dozen: If Wray rats them out now or abandons them to a new FBI director who’ll do more than launch a feckless “investigation,” they could easily return the favor by exposing his past misconduct and end his career in shame.

Thus, Wray seems stuck with his finger in the proverbial dike, holding back the tide of justice to protect the deep state. An investigation into Wray's past is therefore the only likely way to get him out of office before the election.

Politically speaking, it would cost Trump dearly to fire Wray. Just remember what happened after the president fired Comey. And Wray is unlikely to quit unless his position becomes untenable, like, for example, if his past came to the surface anyway and he faced impeachment for suborning perjury and sending an innocent man to prison for over 25 years.

Moreover, Wray's only hope for political survival is for Trump to lose the election; so the Obama Alumni Association's sordid motives appear aligned with his. If Wray remains in office, won't they simply try again to remove Trump or throw the election, or both?

Indeed, thanks to Wray, they apparently got away with it the last time. Attorney General Barr has already telegraphed the DOJ's total disinterest in prosecuting Obama and Biden:



In summary: If U.S. Attorney Durham doesn't charge the Obama cadre, they have no disincentive against taking another shot at Trump. And if he does, they'll be desperate to retake the White House. Durham isn't a special counsel. He can simply be replaced in the normal course of a new administration.

Now, I was perhaps the first at any major publication to print that the Russian-interference farce was an act of treason worthy of criminal prosecution and to compare Muellerism to McCarthyism. President Trump now openly concurs with both assessments.

So let me be the first to predict tragedy if Wray remains unexposed.

You can sign that petition here.

Coming next from the DOJ's deep-state dungeon, Dear AG Barr: Please Trust Bust the Media... Signed, America.

Marty Gottesfeld is a Senior systems engineer, imprisoned human-rights activist, and alleged Anonymous hacker. His writing on federal-prison conditions and criminal-justice matters has been featured by HuffPost, Newsweek, Red State, WND, Info Wars, The Western Journal, The Intercept, and The Liberty Sentinel.  Follow him @FreeMartyG on Facebook and Twitter and on his website,